About XTFX

XTFX is the leading technology partner for film / TV / digital broadcast and post production facilities across the UK, delivering solutions and services to content creators large and small. 

Our highly experienced team of consultants, technicians and creatives are at your disposal to get you up and running, optimise your workflow, maximise your productivity and profitability.


We partner with the world's foremost hardware and software vendors to deliver leading-edge solutions for;

  • Visual effects, editorial and finishing for film, TV and broadcast
  • Media storage and networking
  • Colour management, precision monitoring, test and Measurement
  • Mastering,  encoding and distribution
  • CGI modelling, animation, rendering  and visualisation
  • Media asset and production management 

... backed up by trusted support services including;

  • Systems integration
  • Upgrades & maintenance
  • Operational and technical training
  • Workflow consultation
  • System rentals
  • Cloud compute solutions

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Media Storage with added AI...

 ELEMENTS Media Storage now features advanced AI Search functionality in the ELEMENTS Media Library. 
Powered by Veritone's best-of-class cognitive engine, users can automatically analyse content to detect, tag and catalogue visual features, objects and sounds, transcribe and more. 
Metadata from analysis is available to manage content in the Media Library and can be carried as timeline annotationsin 3rd party solutions such as Adobe Premiere. 


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Autodesk Entertainment Collection...

Autodesk have compiled all of the tools CGI artists need to complete the most demanding projects. The M&E Collection includes the following tools; Maya, 3ds max, 5 Arnold floating lisences, Motionbuilder, Mudbox, Recap Pro, Sketchbook for Enterprise, Character Generator and Autodesk Rendering (Fast, high-resolution rendering in the cloud).

All of the above are available in a single cost-effective and easy-to-administer package.



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BLG for Flame...

Filmlight have announced BLG for Flame,  a game-changing solution for collaborative Grading and Finishing . Built on the Pybox API for Flame, BLG for Flame allows the full payload of a Baselight grading session, including all grading and effects operators, masks, keys and animation to be stored as metadata, loaded as a soft effect in Flame and processed interactively, eliminating the need for rendering a graded master prior to finishing. Shots in Flame may be linked to a live grading session on a remote Baselight host, with changes updated on the fly.