Rush Render Queue

Rush Render Queue is software that manages distributed rendering, compositing, or other distributed software such as (but not limited to) Houdini, Softimage, 3dsMax, and Renderman over small and large networks for both Mac and Windows-based platforms. Currently used on networks with 500+ hosts, Rush is suitable for both small and large-sized post-production facilities.

Key Features and Benefits


Cross Platform Rendering

Rush can render across multiple platforms (Irix, Linux, OSX, and Windows) making it a flexible and powerful render manager.


Speed and Simplicity

Rush uses the UDP network Protocol to get the maximum performance possible and only uses two programs a client and a daemon. With no single host dependency rush can handle large networks under heavy load.


Customizable Scripting

Rush is fully scriptable and you can write your own scripts in Python, Perl, Csh, or Bash to integrate it in to your pipeline.


Integrated Scripts Submissions

Rush offers integrated script submission for the follow programs. 3dsMax, Maya, Maya tile, Softimage, Renderman, Nuke, Fusion, After Effects, 3delight, Animo, Arnold, Brazil, Cinema 4D, combustion, Harmony, Houdini, lightwave, Mray, and Shake.




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