Digital Anarchy

Created by ILM Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll for Star Trek: First Contact photon-torpedoes, Digital Anarchy’s Knoll Sparks provides three (3) powerful tools for creating lighting effects and lens flares that allow you to raise your game with unprecedented precision and control within Autodesk Advanced Systems software. The centrepiece of this toolset is the Knoll Lens Flare Pro, a complete lighting effects kit that allows you to generate hundreds of different flare and lighting styles and can create and save custom effects – from flares to lasers – freeing your creative capabilities and maximising your ability to deliver innovative effects. With 64-bit SGI and 32/64-bit Linux support, these sparks take full advantage of the Autodesk Advanced Systems software.


Key Features and Benefits


Built-In Flare Editor


A separate application is NO LONGER REQUIRED and the workflow is now more integrated, efficient and stable. Elements that make up a flare can be animated individually.


Lens Flare Pro


Lens Editor Create, modify, load and save custom lenses and lighting effects that can match any camera lens, or create original lighting effects. The 12 and 16-bit colour support means that flares render out to higher bit depths, making for less banding.


Multi-Track and Auto-Track


The Multi-Track feature allows for flare tracking to multiple luminance point making it easier to composite multiple lens flares. Auto-Track enables you to set a light source to follow the centre of luminance in another layer.



With the Auto-Obscuration tool you can turn on/off a light based upon the luminance values of another clip.


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