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Coming soon: Deadline 8.0 offers ultimate scalability...


Thinkbox is introducing on-demand metered licensing with Deadline 8.0, which is now available

for beta testing. The feature will work with both on-premise and cloud-based render nodes

alongside existing permanent and temporary licenses.

Usage is tracked per minute, and can be purchased and managed round-the-clock via the

Thinkbox Store (currently open to Deadline 8 beta testers only). Additionally, the store

will host on-demand per-minute licenses for select third party rendering options, including

The Foundry's NUKE render, with more to come.

Broad Product Support

Deadline supports Adobe After Effects CC, Smith Micro Software Anime Studio 9/9.5, MAXON CINEMA 4D 15, Side Effects Software Houdini 13, Side Effects Mantra Standalone 13, Next Limit Technologies Maxwell Renderer V3, The Foundry’s NUKE 8, Next Limit Technologies RealFlow 2013, Planetside Software Terragen 3, V-Ray 3 for 3ds Max, E-on Software Vue 2014 and Santiago Ogaz & co xNormal. Cloud-based providers Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 are also now supported.


V-Ray DBR Support for Maya & 3DS Max

For users of Autodesk® Maya® and 3ds Max, the Deadline interface automatically updates to show which nodes are running the Chaos Group V-Ray® Spawner and instructs V-Ray to use the available nodes.


‘Jigsaw’ Multi-Region Rendering for 3ds Max

Advanced Deadline workflow enables users of Autodesk® 3ds Max® to define any number of arbitrarily-sized regions to render, animate their positions and size to track changing objects – updating an existing frame or sequence in a fraction of the time.


Updated API & Stand-Alone Python API

Users can easily request information from the database, store new data, alter existing data or remove entries from the database using the new RESTful API. Communication with Deadline can be achieved using native Python scripts free from the context of running within Deadline and without the necessity of having Deadline installed on the machine.



For more information about Deadline please contact us at XTFX on 0207 636 7855 or at


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