Autodesk® Mudbox

Autodesk® Mudbox® software offers enhanced support for real-world workflows, helping artists working on visual effects, game design, and certain other 3D animation projects create complex production-ready scenes with greater ease. New features include Sculpt Layer and Paint Layer groups, better interoperability with other content creation solutions (especially Autodesk® Maya®), and streamlined mesh refinement.

Key Features and Benefits

Symmetry Options for Retopology & Existing Meshes

Essential for sculpting and painting with tangent symmetry, it’s now possible to create & enforce topologically symmetrical results when retopologising meshes. Artists can choose whether to copy painting and sculpting details from one or both sides of a source with symmetry based on the source topology, enabling meshes to retain both topological symmetry and spatial asymmetry, or on a local or world axis for thoroughly symmetrical results.

Sculpt Layer & Paint Layer Groups

Sculpt Layer and Paint Layer can now be organised into layer groups for easier rapid identification of particular layers in complex scenes, toggling visibility to focus on certain aspects of work, or in duplicating multiple layers at once. Receive and store Blend Shape targets from Autodesk® Maya® into Sculpt Layer groups; Paint Layer groups allow users to manually merge layers or to flatten groups on export.

Enhanced Texture Export & Updating

Offering greater flexibility with iterative painting workflows and reducing manual linking, enhanced texture export and updating workflow allows users to set different export paths for different channels and paint layers. Paths are remembered so textures can be easily and repeatedly updated with a single click – regardless of target downstream application and whether or not the shaders are supported by Mudbox.

New Caliper Tool

Measure the distance between two pints on a model or along a curve using the new Caliper tool, useful for helping ensure meshes match the desired real-world scale or fit with separately created environments or objects.

Additional Features & Benefits


Support for Intel HD Graphics 4000

To ensure that artists can take advantage of a wider range of hardware and enjoy pen-based and multi-touch workflows in Mudbox, the software can now run on certain hardware configurations, most notably certain Window® 8 OS hybrid tablet/PCs with processors that use Intel® HD graphics 4000.


Multi-Purpose Curves

Draw curves in screen space or in 3D space, and use them in a variety of ways to augment the painting and sculpting toolsets.


Support for Edge Hardness, Creasing, and Smoothing Groups

Import and work with models created in Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage software and certain other content creation solutions that contain special data controlling the hardness, creasing, and smoothing of particular edges. With Mudbox, this data is interpreted and displayed, helping artists to more accurately detail and paint these surfaces.


Combine Bump and Normal Map Detail

Combine painted bump map detail with extracted normal map detail to produce a single normal map—even in tangent space. Artists can now create relief detail both by sculpting and painting, and combine the results into a single map suitable for use in games engines.


Duplicate and Flip Models

Easily duplicate objects, and optionally flip them to create mirrored versions, helping save time when objects are repeated on a model, such as columns on a temple, or a pair of boots on a character. Artists can also flip objects back and forth to get a fresh perspective while working, potentially revealing weaknesses in the design or inspiring new ideas.


Presets for Adjust Color

Easily manipulate or correct the colours of a paint layer with new presets for Adjust Color; these enable artists to invert layers, apply inverse gamma correction to photographic sources, extract luminance values from an image, and perform certain other tasks.