Autodesk® MotionBuilder®

Autodesk® MotionBuilder® animation software helps teams more reliably acquire, aggregate, and refine 3D character animation and certain other production data with support for affordable, consumer-level motion capture devices and a library of pre-built moves that cover a range of commonly required animations. With the option to record live motion capture data directly to disk, support for broadcast WAVE files, and the ability to output SDI video, MotionBuilder offers a new nonlinear editing paradigm for Virtual Production. Also, new advanced camera options help users more readily mimic real-world cinematography.

Key Features and Benefits

Support for Consumer Mo-Cap Devices

Connect with Kinect® – a new plug-in enables artists to use and take advantage of the popular Microsoft® Kinect® consumer motion capture device (available for Windows OS) and then drive captured body performances to their MotionBuilder characters. With the MotionBuilder interface, users can add support for other such devices.

New Advanced Camera Options

Two new camera features allow users to recreate elements of real-world cinematography more easily in MotionBuilder. Animatable Depth-of-Field can mimic the changing aperture of a real camera affecting the range of objects in view/ in focus, while the Follow Focus option allows a user to lock a camera focus on a particular object in the scene, keeping it sharp as the camera changes.

Moves Content Library

An additional 100 useful animations in Autodesk® FBX® asset exchange format; combine, blend and layer to pre-viz scenes in less time or as a jump-off to further refinement. Moves have been selected to offer coverage for frequently encountered scenarios – as well as those that involve furniture or weapons.

Flexible Marker Assignment

Adjust the position of a character within the marker cloud after assigning markers which provides for greater flexibility when captured data is mapped to a CG character that may have proportions that differ from the original actor.
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