Autodesk© Entertainment Creation Suite

Providing an affordable end-to-end creation and production solution and packed with tools used by leading artists working in visual effects, game development and other 3D animation production, the Autodesk® Entertainment Creation Suites deliver outstanding creative power at TWO levels of streamlined performance:Standard and Ultimate.

The Standard edition offers a choice of either Autodesk® 3ds Max® or Autodesk® Maya® animation software, together with Autodesk® Mudbox® digital sculpting and painting software, and Autodesk® MotionBuilder® real-time virtual production and motion capture editing software. With the Ultimate edition, you get everything in the Standard edition, plus both Maya and 3ds Max, as well as Softimage 2015*** – the final release version of this visual effects & animation software.

Integrated through single-step interoperability workflows and more consistent user interfaces, the Suites help to increase productivity and provide enhanced creative opportunities.


Key Features and Benefits

2015 Streamlined and More Powerful

Each of the software used in the Entertainment Creation Suites, Standard and Ultimate, have been greatly improved. To review the newest features and benefits of each please click on the software name to visit its dedicated product page: 3ds Max®, Maya®, Softimage®, MotionBuilder®, and Mudbox®.

Enhanced Interoperability between Maya and Mudbox**

Ptex and multi-tile UV textures can now be exchanged between Maya and Mudbox in a single-step feature, allowing artists to take advantage of an interactive workflow between these two software products, using either of these texturing methods. UV-less painting workflow is offered in Ptex textures, while multi-tile textures enable painting outside of the 0-1 UV space.

Easier Cross-Product CrowdFX Workflows**/***

Character animation consisting of animations, skeletons, and envelopes created in MotionBuilder can now be imported into Softimage in a single step for easier use in the CrowdFX crowd simulation feature. In addition, a single click can take crowd simulations from Softimage to Maya for integration with other scene elements, facilitating cross-product workflow.

Enhanced Image Plane Matching between Maya and Mudbox**

Enjoy a smoother multi-product modelling workflow when using images for reference in Maya and Mudbox; set up an image plane in Maya, use it as a reference for base mesh modelling, then send it to Mudbox 9along with the model) for the addition of fine details – all part of a single-step workflow.

Enhanced Blend Shape Interoperability between Maya and Mudbox**

Take Blend Shapes with multiple targets – or multiple Blend Shapes per mesh – from Maya into Mudbox for sculpting and then merge them back into the original Maya scene. Artists can take advantage of the intuitive Mudbox sculpting toolset to help create facial shapes and carry out shot sculpting.

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