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Often our clients have a temporary need for a software or workstation solution based upon any increase of workload to the projects they handle. XTFX is here with robust and affordable hire-scheme solutions that can be modified or augmented to fit any workflow issue. Taking our cues from clients and the industry at large, XTFX offer a variety of flexible options designed to get your pipeline moving! Give us a call or drop us an email to find out how we can best serve you!

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Hire Solutions;

  • Flame family products -  hardware and software

  • CGI solutions -  applications such as Maya, Max and workstations to run Nuke (we dont sell Nuke - but is still runs on our harware ! )
  • Creative Workstations - We stock the latest hardware platforms with the fastest graphics and attached storage. All major operating systems supported.
  • Render Farms - Hardware, infrastructure, and industry-leading render solutions
  • Storage - Scale up and down without capital outlay as your project evolved. We stock the latest SSD and Spindle arrays, all major filesystems supported.
  • Infrastructure - Networking, switches, routing and monitoring - if you need it we've got it!
  • in fact, you'll be surprised by what applications we can arrange for you - even some we are not known for!

XTFX are your best resource for proven industry knowledge and integral post-production solutions. Email: Phone: 0207 636 7855