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Elements CUBE racks up awards...

The Elements CUBE storage appliance has been honoured with the TM Broadcast “Best Product of 2016” award, hot on the heels of a Coup de Coeur award at SATIS in Paris.

The awards recognise Elements' innovations in high-performance media storage for broadcast, post production and on-set applications, with the powerful Elements Media Library providing artist-friendly MAM and PAM toolsests via the in-house network or the cloud, including media management, client review, approval and rough cut functionalities, along with transparent integration with craft editing solutions including Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere.


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Clarisse Learning Section goes live...

The Isotropix team have launched an all-new Learning Section featuring  tips and tricks for CG layout and rendering, keeping  artists up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques. 


Designed by CG artists for CG artists, Clarisse is a next-gen 2D/3D animation solution which combines animation, layout and compositing tools with an blisteringly fast render engine.


Clarisse’s unique workflow enables efficient, fluid interaction with the most complex scenes at an unprecedented level of detail, which is why leading  animation studios including Double Negative, Weta and ILM rely on Clarisse to supercharge their pipelines. 


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An Academy Award for V-Ray!

Vladimir Koylazov, aka “Vlado,” will receive an Academy Plaque at the 2017 Academy Awards.
The award, presented by the Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards Committee, recognizes V-Ray’s role in bringing realistic CGI to the big screen.

“V-Ray’s efficient production-ready approach to ray-tracing and global illumination, its support for a wide variety of workflows, and its broad industry acceptance were instrumental in the widespread adoption of fully ray-traced rendering for motion pictures,” says the Academy.



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