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Transkoder wins HPA Award...

Colorfront's highly respected colour scientists have been honoured with a HPA Engineering Excellence Award for Colorfront Engine, the colour management backbone of the Colorfront product family of on-set grading, encoding and mastering solutions.

Colorfront Engine is an automatically managed, ACES-compliant colour pipeline which brings plug and play simplicity to modern production workflows.


At the acquisition end, Transkoder wrangles media assets from a wide range of camera formats into a unified colourspace and delivers high quality mezzanine files for post. At the delivery end, Transkoder enables mastering to a wide range of formats including IMF and DCP to the exacting standards of industry leaders including Netflix and Amazon.


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Clarisse 3.5 shipping now...

Isotropix have announced the immediate availablity of of Clarisse 3.5, the latest update of its renowned rendering and CG layout toolset with new features focused on layout, scene assembly, look development, lighting and rendering, bringing more creative freedom, speed and efficiency than ever before. 


Designed by CG artists for CG artists, Clarisse is a next-gen 2D/3D animation solution which combines animation, layout and compositing tools with a highly optimised render engine.


Clarisse’s unique workflow enables efficient, fluid interaction with the most complex scenes at an unprecedented level of detail, which is why leading  animation studios including Double Negative, Weta and ILM rely on Clarisse to supercharge their pipelines. 


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Flame 2018.2 is out...

Flame 2018.2 is the latest update to Autodesk's flagship compositing and finishing solution, featuring major updates to Connected Conform workflow, better versioning with Open Clip, enhancements  to Action including customisable contextual menus, Improved Projector node functionality and new texture maps, Improved Python API, interoperability with a broad range of complementary pipeline solutions via Pybox, improved rendering workflows, and more...


Check out the tutorials on the Flame Learning Channel for an in-depth look at the new features in action.


In addition, evolving pricing and deployment models make Flame more accessible than ever before.  Contact us for details.


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