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Rio Connect

Better teamworking; more productive post

Rio Connect makes teamworking between different suites a cost-effective reality. In short, Rio Connect enables you to do whatever you want to do, in any suite, whenever you need to – and to swap things around at a moment’s notice when needs change. Rio Connect gives guaranteed realtime performance and instant sharing between Quantel Rio suites.  The original Genetic Engineering transformed the efficiency of many post houses; Rio Connect will do the same and a whole lot more.
  • Rio Connect users have complete flexibility to move jobs between suites at a moment’s notice – making them more efficient and allowing them to take on short notice jobs
  • Rio Connect users can teamwork across multiple suites instantly – allowing them to take on jobs with tight deadlines
  • Rio Connect users can instantly lay off time consuming jobs to Rio Assist (or other systems) – making them look great in front of clients and increasing productivity
  • Rio Connect users know that whatever is happening in another suite their system will deliver real time performance – great in front of clients and great for facility scheduling
Rio Connect Architecture   Check out the White Paper for full details of how Rio Connect is a great fit for post today.  
  • Systems can be tailored to your requirements – there’s loads of configuration flexibility
  • Massive storage capacities available – systems with almost 400TB workspace are available
  • Starts small – four Quantel Rio 2KOs can share a single array for TV work
  • Optional Gateway allows Rio Assists and other third party equipment to connect to the storage pool
  • Supports multiple 4K suites with 4K outputs – up to 6K (Red Dragon) playback from disk supported to 4K outputs