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File-based workflows and associated SAN infrastructures are about more than hardware, they are about more than software, and certainly about more than the file system. 


Bright Technologies understand shared media workflows. During the transition from traditional video-based workflows 
to file-based workflows, it became obvious that traditional IT infrastructures were not capable of meeting the needs of guaranteed delivery, low-latency file-based workflows. That realization brought about collaborative efforts between the development team at Bright and many of the world’s top video facilities and application providers. In turn, this led to a paradigm shift in file-handling technology. 

With an informed understanding of the needs of the Media & Entertainment industry and a unique knowledge of file systems and SAN hardware, the team created BrightDrive, the first SAN Server optimized 
specifically for media. The Bright solution eliminates unplanned downtime due to file system maintenance. 

Collaboration is of great value and Bright Technologies take every opportunity for product and feature improvement seriously. 
It was through collaboration that their development team created sequence aware file management engines that maintain file system integrity, well beyond that of traditional data management tools. By listening to the needs of their customers, they developed DataMover with support for stereoscopic 3D workflows. It is also why DataOptimizer has been given NTFS support for file system defragmentation. 

Ongoing development continues to improve functionality and workflow efficiency with the current BrightDrive family; 

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