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Ki Pro Family

AJA’s Ki Pro range is a family of disc-based recorders designed to fit many applications across Production and Post-Production. AJA Ki Pro’s are the video to data bridge required to get video into a computer environment. Recording Pro Res 422 at 10 bit each device in the range has SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, and analogue inputs that allow you to interface to your chosen camera or video hardware. The video is then converted to file based material and stored on the disc. Simple to operate Ki Pro’s emulate a VTR type interface to make for intuitive operation.

There are four Ki Pro models in the range, Two Portable On set capture devices, a 4K recorder, and a disc based VTR replacement – SEE: Additional Features and Benefits for the full range in the Ki Pro Family.

Key Features and Benefits


Video to Data Bridge

Designed to eliminate logging and capturing footage, Ki Pro models produce and store files that are compatible with most popular non-linear editing systems The Ki Pro Mini and Ki Pro Rack also record DNxHD). The footage is stored as data on the internal module. The Ki Pro Module is then connected to the NLE and the footage is ready to use, no need for any further transcoding or transfer of data.


All Ki Pro devices record 10-bit, full raster files so you can have confidence that the data you record will look as good in the edit suite as it did when it was recorded. 10-bit 4:2:2 recording (as opposed to 8bit) allows for more flexibility in post- production when adjusting colour and balance. Ki Pro allows for a choice of quality level so that you can make the choice between storage capacity and quality.

Easy to Use

The intuitive simple, controls on all Ki Pro models are quickly learnt so it’s not a difficult transition from your existing set up. The Ki Pro works like a normal tape deck with dedicated Record, Play, Rewind and FastForward buttons. The integrated screen displays just what the KiPro is doing and the simple flat menu structure of the interface allows for full configuration of the system simply, efficiently and without having to access any third party device.

Remote Configuration and Operation

All of the Ki Pro range has provision for remote control and configuration. On set the Ki Pro requires minimal user control. Just like any professional recorder Record start/stop operation can be triggered automatically by the SDI signal or by using a separate LANC control standard on most professional cameras. In a post-production facility, the built in Ethernet connectivity of Ki Pro enables control and configuration to be done using a standard web browser. There is provision for multiple Ki Pro units to be controlled from a single interface for group operation.

Ki Pro Family


Ki Pro ProRes Recorder


With inputs allowing it to be connected to most video sources the Ki Pro is able to capture Apple ProRes 422 files direct from the video source. The Storage Module is removed from the Ki Pro, connected directly to the editing computer and the Pro Res files transferred, with no need for further transcoding, to the editing system. Simple, fast and efficient.


Ki Pro Mini


The Ki Pro Mini is a camera mountable recorder that records either Pro Res 422 or DNxHD to compact flash cards. It is a light weight, easy to use device that takes the SDI signal from the camera and records data in a format that is immediately available for editing.


Ki Pro Mini Rack


The Ki Pro Rack is designed for facilities and broadcasters enabling them to have a compact (1U) rack mountable solid state alternative to a VTR. With the same basic features as the Ki Pro the Ki Pro Rack has additional functionality that makes at a valuable addition to the facilities tool kit.


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