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Fuji IS-Mini

Digital color adjustment device for on-set camera preview and monitor calibration


Small and lightweight with outputs for both HD-SDI and HDMI.


The IS-mini utilizes 3D color LUTs in cube sizes almost 50% larger than other products enabling much more accurate image display for on-set production and post-house environments. Included Mini Manager software incorporates 3-wheel color correction capability. Monitor calibrations can be done in less than 10 minutes.

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Industry leading LUT’s processing accuracy

IS-mini uses a highly accurate LUT processor of 26^3LUT cube. Conventional LUT processors use a 17^3 cube, which have a lower number of lattice points and greatly inferior accuracy to the IS-mini. By combining 26^3 LUT cubes and triangular pyramid interpolation, the IS-mini achieves the highest level of accuracy in the industry. 

Using triangular pyramid interpolation system for a LUT

Along with the number of the lattice points, an interpolation algorithm is also important for the accuracy of the LUT processing. In general, a LUT interpolation system usually uses a cubic interpolation system for the ease of the algorithm. However, using this method with some types of cameras will cause unattractive banding on grays, skin tones, and blue skies. The IS-mini(firmware version FPGA Ver9.06 and higher) uses a triangular pyramid interpolation system. This creates improved smoother grays and skin tone.


IS-mini inner processing

Inside IS-mini, the motion signal inputted by an HD-SDI feed is first converted with a 1D LUT. The image is then processed with a 3D LUT, followed by another 1D LUT and then the image is outputted via HD-SDI. Converting accuracy is improved by calibrating the gray scale with 1D LUT at first. This also improves color correction performance.

The pursuit of Real-time

By using highly efficient arithmetic processing without any delays, the IS-mini can output LUTed images in real-time, for use recording live music performances and sports broadcasting.


Five conversions using IS-Lut Configurations

CDL(Color decision List):

CDL is a color decision list that has adjustable parameter functions within IS-mini Manager.

The CDL complies with ASC-CDL, de facto standard.


IDT(Input Device Transform):

Selecting the appropriate configurations of camera and mode are required.



Filmlook is a function that reproduces the equivalent quality of negative films built on FUJIFILM's technologies and skills.



Within the rendering section, not only is it possible to select the ACES RRT (a standard for digital motion picture production), but also the options of using print film emulation rendering for screening. This section also provides processing for creating digital recorded images.



ODT is a function for converting the images to a particular monitoring output (sRGB, Rec709, P3) By adjusting the monitor settings, an appropriate color tone will be displayed.


The IS-Lut format integrates these five conversions into one LUT file.


FUJIFILM offers IS-Luts via internet download, which combine multiple camera parameters such as IDT/FilmLook/Rendering, which can be downloaded using the IS-mini Manager software.

※Compatible camera models will be added periodically.

Any look that is adjusted for color correction within IS-mini Manager is rewritable back into IS-Lut format.

The resulting image can also be exported to multiple LUT formats.


Variation of negative films

IS-luts are capable of reproducing the looks of 15 different film types including the FUJIFILM ETERNA series. By simply selecting the film type, it is possible to immediately reflect and compare a motion picture negative Look.


Positive film emulation

The IS-Mini also ability to reproduce the colors of positive projection films on the big screen. This function provides an easy way of reproducing the warm highlights associated with positive film.For more information, please contact Sales