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Renowned for image quality and long-term reliability, EIZO monitors are rapidly becoming an industry must-have. With features such as calibration sensors (CG series) and correction sensors (CX series) built-in, adding an EIZO monitor to your pipeline.

Key Features and Benefits


ColorEdge Monitors


CG246 and CX240 24.1” monitors offer 1920 x 1200 native resolution, DVI-I, DisplayPort and HDMI, as well as built-in Calibration Sensors; the CG276 (27”) offers all of the above, plus input support for2K and 4K, and a 2560 x 1440 native resolution. All ColorEdge monitors come with a proprietary ASIC at their core to facilitate the high-precision colour processing and ensure smooth colours demanded by the industry.




Offering optimal performance, these LCD monitors have eco-friendly features and are ideal for CAD and graphics design users. The FlexScan SX2762W 27” LCD monitor provides 2560 x 1440 native resolution with an exceptional colour gamut, plus 3 inputs: DVI-D, DisplayPort & Mini-DisplayPort (for input from Mac or Windows-based notebooks).


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Eizo EV 2455-BK

The workhorse display for XTFX's high performance rental systems, the Eizo EV2455-BK,  features a new “Fusion” design that combines EIZO’s own EcoView technologies for reduced power consumption and improved visual ergonomics inside an extremely compact cabinet., along with an LED-backlit IPS (in-plane switching) LCD panel with 178° viewing angle that minimizes color shift and contrast changes when viewing the screen at an angle.


Due to the way brightness is controlled on LED backlights, many people perceive flicker on their screen which causes eye fatigue. The FlexScan EV series makes flicker unperceivable without any drawbacks like compromising color stability. In a comparison test conducted by EIZO, the monitor on average reduced flicker by more than 74% compared to LED-backlit monitors from other manufacturers.