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ELEMENTS is fully tailored for the media and broadcast industry. While supporting SAN and NAS environments, it gives you the highest possible reliability and performance to accelerate your business. ELEMENTS supports collaborative workflows for all editing applications and even enables you to connect Avid clients with full media and project sharing capabilities. The integrated web-based management allows you to offload administrative tasks and to focus on your daily business. All ELEMENTS systems are capable of providing parallel access to the most demanding video formats – even 3D, 4K or HFR!


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ELEMENTS CUBE is your mobile companion for on-site editing and data management. It combines all project management features of ELEMENTS including Avid project and media sharing in a ultra small form factor chassis. ELEMENTS CUBE supports up to 16 x 2.5” drives for user data in any combination of SATA or SSD drives in hot-plug carriers.


Cost-effective 12-bay NAS solution equipped with all features that ELEMENTS ONE has, but no Fibre Channel option. ELEMENTS NAS can be upgraded with a SSD-Hot-Zone. The SSD-Hot-Zone keeps frequently read data on SSD and allows the highest access rates for your ‘hot files’.


Looking for the product that combines all the requirements of the media and broadcast industry? Here it is! ELEMENTS ONE grants parallel access via SMB, NFS, AFP and block-level to the same files. Even for the most demanding workloads.


ELEMENTS GRID is a node-based distributed file system platform, providing an ultra-fast software-defined storage that is easily scalable to multiple petabyte in capacity and a throughput of numerous GByte/s.

Add capacity and performance – without the need to shut down the file system: nodes can be added on the fly. 
No single point of failure, no data loss
Running with EMFS (ELEMENTS Media File System), ELEMENTS GRID is a remarkably fault tolerant high-reliability server cluster with no single point of failure. The distributed file system with automated data integrity check increases data security – when a disk or even an entire nodes fails, all data is still fully available.


ELEMENTS GATEWAY transforms every existing Xsan or StorNext® SAN and any NAS environment into a ultimate collaboration network. By making StorNext FS accessible not only for virtually all non-linear editing and VFX applications, but even for Avid – natively and including true Bin-locking and Project-Sharing support – heterogeneous workflows become highly collaborative, across the entire facility and all platforms.
High-performance fileserver
ELEMENTS GATEWAY supports SMB, AFP and NFS, while two or more GATEWAYs provide a scalable high-availability server cluster. The integrated load balancing option prevents bottlenecks by assigning connections to multiple GATEWAYs.


We design complex storage infrastructure solutions based on the ELEMENTS concept. For example, entire SAN environments with zero down-time and the absolut highest performance and reliability on the market.

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