Emotion Systems eFF

Checking and adjusting for loudness in File based media is made easy with eFF from Emotion Systems. eFF is a software application that reads in an existing file and compares the audio levels in that file with preconfigured profiles stored in the software. It then reports or adjusts the audio levels in the file either up or down, to meet whatever level targets you have configured. eFF can test to multiple loudness targets in a single pass, as well as check and report on True Peak values, and LRA. eFF copes with versioning for different markets by pre-configuring it with the profiles for different clients; it’s quick, convenient and accurate – saving both time and money.

Key Features and Benefits


Fast Compliance Checking

eFF quickly and easily adjusts the levels to meet all of the required compliance targets guaranteeing that the file will be acceptable for final broadcast.


Handles Multiple Audio Tracks

eFF is unique in that in a single file eFF can measure and correct different stereo tracks to different loudness specifications.


Checks for Compliance in 5.1 and Stereo

eFF will also work with a media file containing 5.1 and stereo audio, processing the 5.1 section separately to the stereo section to ensure compliance. eFF correctly measures the combined loudness, and adjusts all the tracks to maintain the original mix to comply to the configured loudness specification.


Fix or Normalise

eFF is able to differentiate between measured levels that are too high or too low. If it’s too high it will fix the file by reducing the level, if its peak value is too low then the level may be increased or normalised to the target value.

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