BRU Server™

BRU Server™ Backup & Restore Software

BRU Server backup solution provides client and server data backup and recovery solutions for Windows, OSX, and Linux client system platform support, over any sized network, as well as live database back-up on server and client systems. BRU Server delivers ease-of-use, reliability, flexibility, and at a low cost-of-ownership.

Key Features and Benefits


BRU uses only 8–20% of the system resources during backup/restore operations allowing for simultaneous Backup of client systems. Writing to disk stage at 150MBps, the backup starts instantly and doesn’t waste time with unnecessary scans; incremental backups can be performed without interference to the user once the first backup has been completed. BRU is also fully scriptable from the command line making it easy to customize backups and supports client-side user defined and initiated restores and backups.

Live Database Backup

Archives are backwards compatible with previous BRU and are also recoverable by any BRU product, on any platform BRU supports. Disk Staging Provides Disk-to-Disk and Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Support.

Comprehensive Native Tape Device Support

Backups are verified in the background which can reduce the backup window Error Recovery Algorithms Restore Data unlike other tools that fail in this task.

Unparalleled Backup & Restore Reliability

BRU is the only backup tool that can recover from a read error during a restore instead of aborting, whether restoring from disk stage or tape.

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