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Based on Colorfront’s award-winning On-Set Dailies architecture the new Transkoder Engine is a stand-alone product that automates fast, high-quality digital file conversion for post facilities and studios working in motion picture and high-end TV production using non-proprietary hardware and delivers faster-than-realtime processing to decode, transcode, convert and process files for multiple deliverables – making it both efficient and cost-effective. Transkoder Engine fits straight into existing facility architectures, streamline workflows, producing the highest-quality results while keeping budgets in check.

Key Features and Benefits

Excellent performance
Configuring the system with dual processors and dual graphics cards the 64 bit multi-threaded application coupled with the fast and efficient GPU engine gives excellent performance for both image processing and encoding, so the system gives unparalleled throughput.


Support for High End Formats
Whatever the camera, Transkoder supports all the RAW digital camera formats and transcodes to DPX, TIFF and OpenEXR. It also allows the user to produce high-quality mezzanine MXF files such as: IMF JPEG2000, SRFile SStP, DVCPro, XDCam and AS-11 AVC-Intra formats, or DCI-Compliant deliverables while preserving colour science information and metadata.

Complete IIF-ACES workflow
Maintains colour integrity and accuracy throughout the entire process.


All the tools you need
The tools included allow you to De-Bayer & de-Mosaic, Re- format, resize, change the aspect ratio, crop, add LUTs and colour space conversion, add watermarks, subtitles and encode.

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