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On-Set Dailies

Designed for Film and Television feature production On-Set Dailies™ is a data workflow system that enables directors, DOP’s and VFX supervisors to review, synch and adjust material recorded on the latest data cameras as the footage is shot. On-Set Dailies provides a range of data and metadata management tools combined with fast playback, synch, encoding and deliverables that make it the fastest most feature rich dailies system on the market. Supporting a comprehensive range of camera and output formats On-Set Dailies speeds up production, gives the crew control and helps eliminate the problems that can cause expensive fixes in post. It can also be used in post-production as the ingest engine for facilities and as a ‘first step’ in the data wrangling process.

Key Features and Benefits


Wide Range of Supported Camera Formats

On-Set Dailies supports many camera formats from Sony F65 to Go Pro, and has the ability to play back R3D Open EXR, Canon, Sony and ARRI RAW formats up to 4K in realtime.


Multiple Encoding and Delivery Formats.

Simultaneously create DVDs, Blu-Rays, iPad, PiX / DAX, QT, MXF, WMV, WAV, TIF, JPG, H264, during playback, speeding up the next stage of the production process, delivering exactly what you need to where it’s needed.


No-Wait Rendering

Fast rendering of AVID DNxHD MXF, ProRes, Blue-Ray and 720p H.264, no waiting around, rendering is faster-than-realtime.


Enhancements in Colour Grading

Built-in Colour grading, Stereoscopic 3D. waveform, histogram and stereo analysis tools provide the ability to apply LUTs, colour match, check exposure and make adjustments to recorded data on–set. Because On-Set Dailies has full ACES workflow support, any colour grading done on-set transfers to the post-production colour grading suite.


Burn-In and Watermarking

Burn-in text and metadata including KK, TC; watermark footage for security, or burn in a logo or any text required on a particular copy.

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