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Colorfront© Express Dailies™

Introduced by Colorfront© at NAB 2012, Express Dailies™ is a Mac-based tool for use by Camera Crew and DTIs on-set providing a range of data and metadata management tools for on-set data wrangling, enabling the crew to deliver synched, graded dailies in multiple formats quickly and easily. Built on the same technology as On-Set Dailies™, Express Dailies is a mobile post-production system helping DTIs worldwide wrangle data, grading and encoding workflows, and providing a cost-effective solution to dailies deliverables.

Key Features and Benefits


Fast & Flexible

Express Dailies has an easy-to-learn drag and drop interface, driving a comprehensive toolset: transcoding, archiving, QC and deliverables – throw anything at it and Express Dailies will deliver.


Extreme Performance

Express Dailies software provides excellent performance on a Mac Pro, meaning the crew won’t wait around for shots to be processed. It’s fast & easy to use, so the crew is better able to work quickly and efficiently, and can leave the set assured that the dailies are complete. As an added security feature, deliverables can have burnt in logos, time-code, metadata or watermarks.


Fully Comprehensive Toolset

Express Dailies maintains an IIF-ACES workflow so the colour accuracy is preserved from set to post-production. From data-wrangling, checksum verified copies, sound syncing, colour-grading, archival and rendering deliverables, Express Dailies has all the tools required to create a complete data lab.


Supporting Multiple Sources

Express Dailies can handle and play back Multiple RAW/uncompressed source formats, Sony F65, Red, Canon and ARRI plus a host of others; it can also simultaneously create multiple delivery formats, DNxHD MXF, ProRes QT, H264, DPX, OpenEXR. Express Dailies can also archive a checksum verified copy to your preferred archive media, LTO or disc.

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