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Next-gen tools for UHD / HDR...

Colorfront's Academy and Emmy award-winning product family boasts two new additions; 

HDR Image Analyzer provides a set of precision measurment tools; waveform, histogram, vectorscope, split-screen, color gamut, light level, audio level metering, and error logging, supporting the latest HDR standards – including HLG, PQ  and Rec.2020 on 4K/UHD content.

QC Player enables playback and analysis of the latest mastering and distribution formats, enabling UHD / HDR image analysis, framing guide overlays, image reframing , burn-in and watermarking tools. QC Player also comes with audio tools supporting embedded audio, WAV files and up to 24-channel audio output.


Both solutions are built on the trusted Colorfront Engine  ACES-compliant colour pipeline.


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Sapphire 11: powered by Mocha...

Version 11 of Sapphire, the renowned suite of VFX, lighting and texturing  tools is out now... and it's a big release, with 50+ new presets and across the board CPU and GPU performance optimisations. 


Best of all, now that Sapphire is part of the Boris FX product family it benefits from the integration of the Academy Award-winning Mocha tracking and rotoscoping  toolset, enabling precise isolation of effects, and the exchange of tracking and shape animation setups with host applications including Flame, Avid, Adobe, Resolve, Vegas and more.


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Clarisse 3.6 shipping now...

Our friends at Isotropix have announced the release of  Clarisse 3.6 , taking their state-of-the-art  solution for  layout, look development, llighting and rendering to the next level.


Clarisse 3.6 builds on the renowned Clarisse toolset with a host of enhancements including;


- New Shadow Catcher which greatly simplifies live action integration

- New Outline Shader for blueprints and cel-shading  renders

- New Shading Variables enabling users to create and share true material templates across multiple objects

- New Alembic Bundles streamlining  Alembic integration in Clarisse


In addition, Isotropix havve announced a new watermark-free learning edition of Clarisse available now.


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